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2001 Lexus IS300 en

Документация, инструкции, мануалы, техническая информация, схемы на Lexus IS300 2001 (английский язык)

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Quick Reference 2001 Lexus IS300

BASIC OPERATION – QUICK REFERENCE, to tilt the steering wheel up or down desired angle, p: Parking, engine starting key removal position, d:Normal driving position (Shifting into overdrive.

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Exterior Equipment 2001 Lexus IS300

After inserting the support rod into slot, make sure, the rod supports the hood securely falling down, auxiliary catch lever lift hood, be sure to return the support rod its clip before.

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Pictorial Index 2001 Lexus IS300

Power rear view mirror control switch 80, headlight, turn signal fog light, traction control system off switch 180, power door lock switch power window.

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Switches 2001 Lexus IS300

Headlight dimmer turn signal switch, the automatic light control sensor is on top driver's side, to turn the lights on, twist the knob on the end lever, fIRST CLICKSTOP: Only the parking, tail, license plate, side.

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Engine 2001 Lexus IS300

Cylinder in line, 4 cycle, gasoline, aPI SJ, ”Energy–Conserving” multigrade engine oil ILSAC, temperature range anticipated before next oil change, ”Toyota Long Life Coolant” equivalent.

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Air Conditioning 2001 Lexus IS300

"You can adjust the brightness display, ”Instrument panel light control” on page 46 details, the automatic air conditioning automatically maintains, to prevent the battery from being discharged, do not.

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Keys And Doors 2001 Lexus IS300

Since the doors and trunk lid can be locked without key, you, should always carry a spare master key case you, accidentally lock your keys inside vehicle, if you should lose your keys or if you need additional keys.

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Gauges, Meters And Service Reminder Indicators 2001 Lexus...

Service reminder indicators warning buzzers, gAUGES, METERS AND SERVICE REMINDER INDICATORS, the indicator lamp goes off after driving several times, indicator lamp does not go off, contact your Lexus dealer.

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Interior Equipment 2001 Lexus IS300

To use the vanity mirrors, swing the sun visor down, to block out glare from the front , swing sun visor, the vanity light comes on when you open cover, to block out glare from the side, remove sun visor.

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General Information 2001 Lexus IS300

From everyone in the Lexus organization, thank you, culmination of more than 50 years research, development by Toyota Motor Corporation, designed to deliver uncompromising luxury.

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Chassis 2001 Lexus IS300

*Change automatic transmission fluid only necessary, generally, it is necessary change automatic transmission, fluid only if your vehicle is driven under one Special, operating Conditions listed in your ”Owner 's Manual.

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Electrical Components 2001 Lexus IS300

Checking and replacing blade type fuses, the battery produces flammable explosive, the electrolyte contains poisonous corrosive, d Avoid contact with eyes, skin clothes.

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In Case Of An Emergency 2001 Lexus IS300

If your engine stalls while driving, if your vehicle will not start, if you have flat tire, if your vehicle needs be towed.

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Audio 2001 Lexus IS300

Quick reference your audio system, "You can adjust the brightness of the display, turning the system adjusting volume, sKIP: Automatic skip of blank portions tape.

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Starting And Driving 2001 Lexus IS300

A large amount of unburned gases flowing into, three–way catalytic converter may cause it overheat, d Do not drive with an extremely low fuel level; running, out of fuel could cause the engine misfire, creating.

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